Bloom Family Medicine

Increased access to care when you need it the most…

Most physicians are not able to see patients the same day due to very large patient panels. When patients call for an acute illness, they are told to go to the urgent care, come in another day or see another provider who is not their physician.

We provide a concierge medical care option for acute sickness.  This is an elevated service option with guaranteed same day access to care.  As always, we want each and every person to feel well-cared for and to take comfort in being a very special member of Bloom Family Medicine–“Where good health grows!”  For this concierge medical care option there is a $250 per patient/per year annual fee.

What you can expect…

  • Guaranteed same day sick appointments with your Bloom Family Medicine personal physician for acute/emergent healthcare issues during our regular business office hours.
  • Quality time and undivided attention from your Bloom Family Medicine private physician.
  • Optimal access of care for you when you need it the most by limiting the number of patients we have in the practice.
  • Avoid unnecessary and costly visits to urgent care or other healthcare facilities.
  • Improved continuity and coordination of on-going acute care by your personal physician.
  • Additional Friday morning office hours from 8:30am-10:30am by special appointment for same day acute care needs.